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From generating code to running code, just one step!

You can describe your needs in natural language, then AI will generate code and run it directly in the browser. Coding has never been easier.
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AI Code Generation
Simply describe your requirements in natural language, and AI will generate code that even programming beginners can easily handle
Code Editor
Supports editing the code generated by AI, providing greater flexibility.
Run in browser
No need to download and install additional software, you can run the code directly in the browser.
Local File System
Files are stored in the local browser and will not be uploaded to the cloud, protecting your data security.
Package Management
Supports a large number of python packages, and can automatically install according to the code, and also manually search for installation.
Multi-language Support
Write scripts in Python, generate web pages in HTML, and create charts with Mermaid. Everything you need is here


Whether it's data crawling or visualization, it makes them a simple task. Not only that, combined with HTML, you can also convert your data into web pages.
Data Crawling


From generating dazzling animations, interesting games, to interactive prototypes, static pages. Generate with a few sentence, export with one click.
Creative Programming


Create and edit charts in seconds, describe what you want, and let the AI do the rest.
Mind Maps
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